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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the ZOOMs be?

The date and time will change each month. They will be set 1 month prior.

January’s ZOOM is January 21st at 11:00am MDT.

When will the weekly FB Lives be?

The date and time will change each week. They will be set 1 month prior.

January’s FB Lives are as follows:

January 2nd at 9:00am MDT, 9th at 9:00am MDT, 16th at 10:00am MDT, 23rd at 8:00am MDT and the 30th at 9:00am MDT

When will Glenyce’s personal clearing loop be available for download?

By the 10th of each month.

How does the 10% off online classes work?

Each month, for every online classes that Glenyce has, valued at $200 or less, you will receive a Promo Code to receive 10% off.

Glenyce always has at least one class, if not more.

What if I don’t use FaceBook?

The weekly video’s will be converted to audio and uploaded into your downloads so you can listen to them.

What are some examples of Surprise Gifts you might gift?

Things in the mail. Things you can download. Things that will make you smile.

What if the times don’t work for my schedule?

Everything is recorded and will be available for you to download.

How many months do I need to commit to?

You can join anytime and leave anytime. Be sure to give us 48 hours to cancel your subscription to avoid being charged an additional month.